Marvel Comics’ Avengers will deal with a world the place they by no means existed in Might

This Might, Marvel’s Avengers comedian will take a wierd flip: It received’t have any Avengers in it in any respect. Author Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness’s new arc will discover a Marvel Universe the place the Avengers by no means fashioned — however loads of their villains did — in line with a reveal type Marvel Comics.

“Welcome to a world the place Tony Stark by no means constructed an Iron Man armor,” says Marvel’s information launch, “The place Thor is a hard-drinking atheist who despises hammers. The place Wakanda is dismissed as a delusion. And the place Captain America was by no means discovered within the ice, as a result of there have been no Avengers to seek out him. As an alternative this world has at all times been protected by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Squadron Supreme of America.”

The Squadron Supreme clash with Dr. Juggernaut, Thanos and more villains in promotional art for Marvel Comics’ Heroes Reborn event.

Picture: Iban Coello, Espen Grundetjern/Marvel Comics

The Squadron Supreme are … nicely, they’re a pastiche of the Justice League, normally lead by the orphaned alien Hyperion, alongside the nocturnal Nighthawk, Warrior Lady, et cetera. Within the present state of Marvel Comics, they’re the state sponsored tremendous crew of the US — coordinated by a disillusioned Agent Phil Coulson — after the Avengers fell out of favor following the entire Secret Empire debacle.

On this new Marvel Universe, the Squadron even have their very own suite of latest supervillians, every of whom appear to have a sure mashup high quality to them. Dr. Juggernaut seems to be a model of Physician Doom who claimed the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and gained Juggernaut’s powers. Thanos wields “Infinity Rings” this time, pointing in the direction of some shared qualities with Iron Man villain the Mandarin. It’s all very Infinity Warp-y.

The brand new arc — starring Blade as the one particular person within the Marvel Universe who remembers the best way issues was once — will kick off in Avengers in Might.

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