Mandalorian season 2 episode 1: Star Wars Easter eggs, references, and cameos

The Mandalorian, solely a season and one episode in, already stands out as one of many nice tales within the Star Wars universe as a result of it’s a present that pays homage with out rewiring mythology. In contrast to, say, a trilogy-capper that tries to attach each dot within the suffocating Skywalker saga for twist worth, the Disney Plus sequence, created by Jon Favreau, reverse engineers the thrill of the unique trilogy by lifting from the far reaches of canon — from alien races to bizarre lore quirks — and tipping a hat to moments, even goofy ones, which have grow to be iconic in fan circles. George Lucas as soon as mentioned of his Star Wars prequel trilogy, “You see the echo of the place all of it’s gonna go. It’s like poetry. They rhyme.” The Mandalorian does the identical for each technology of Star Wars tales.

Whereas every episode of The Mandalorian is propped up by its personal propulsive motion, Favreau litters each scene with catnip for followers. Listed here are a number of of the Easter eggs, cameos, references, and giddy lore moments that made it into season 2, episode 1, “The Marshal.”

Please be Constable Zuvio

A member of the Niima Outpost Militia at the Gamorrean fight in Mandalorian season 2 episode 1

Constable Zuvio was an alien created for The Pressure Awakens that Lucasfilm launched within the first wave of toys for the movie. However right here’s the twist: Zuvio was totally reduce from J.J. Abrams’ completed movie! Although rumors cropped up that followers may catch a glimpse of the Kyuzo throughout Rey’s first imaginative and prescient, Lucasfilm story overlords debunked the cameo, suggesting that the character by no means made it to display.

The shitposty legacy of Zuvio lives on in The Mandalorian season 2 premiere. Early on within the the Gamorrean combat, we reduce to a spectator sporting the unmistakable armor of a Niima Outpost militia man. A masks obscures the alien’s face, however we’re selecting to consider that is Zuvio’s second, for the great of Zuvio.

That’s a John Leguizamo alien

John Leguizamo’s Star Wars alien

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

The double-crossing Abyssin who actually shouldn’t have messed with Mando was voiced by none aside from John Leguizamo, well-known for his roles within the Tremendous Mario Bros. film, John Wick, and To Wong Foo, Thanks for The whole lot, Julie Newmar. Leguizamo’s short-lived cameo as Gor Koresh is one more identify so as to add to the listing of humorous folks making Mandalorian appearances, following Taika Waititi, Horatio Sanz, Jason Sudeikis, Brian Posehn, Invoice Burr, Adam Pally, Amy Sedaris, Richard Ayoade, and Werner Herzog.

By the way, Leguizamo’s character mentions the Gotra, possible a reference to the Droid Gotra, the Clone Wars-era military of aggrieved droids that fought for droid rights and served as muscle for the Crymorah crime syndicate.

The return of R5

R5-D4 returns to Star Wars in The Mandalorian season 2

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

The astromech droid R5-D4 continues to be kicking it on Tatooine, now within the make use of of Amy Sedaris’ Peli Motto. The undesirable droid with a foul motivator — Favreau lingers on its blast mark, simply so it’s 100% clear which well-known R5 unit we’re taking a look at — is seemingly now serving as Motto’s devoted holomap projector. It’s an inauspicious destiny for the droid, which made the briefest of cameo appearances in season 1’s “The Gunslinger.” Don’t neglect that R5 is a hero of the Riot; he didn’t merely malfunction in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, however as a substitute risked his personal life to assist R2-D2 accomplish his mission, in accordance with the Star Wars quick story anthology, From a Sure Level of View.

Timothy Olyphant’s complete character

Timothy Olyphant as Cobb Vanth in The Mandalorian season 2 episode 1

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

Olyphant brings Cobb Vanth to life in The Mandalorian, however this isn’t the character’s first look within the Star Wars universe. He really comes from Chuck Wendig’s e-book Star Wars: Aftermath, which tells the story of what occurred instantly after the autumn of the Empire. The e-book roughly tells the story that we see on this episode’s flashback of Vanth’s time in Mos Pelgo. Whereas the references to a e-book character will definitely be appreciated by some hardcore Star Wars followers, it’s Vanth’s armor that’s prone to get most individuals’s consideration.

Vanth is carrying armor that was discovered by “some Jawas” on Tatooine, which additionally occurs to be the armor of Boba Fett, one among Star Wars’ most well-known bounty hunters. Fett’s trademark armor was final seen within the sequence disappearing into Tatooine’s sarlacc pit with Fett nonetheless inside originally of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Nonetheless, we get a point out of the pit on this episode, and apparently there’s now not a Sarlacc in it in any respect. Whereas Mando means that this might have been the work of the Krayt dragon, it’s potential that everybody’s favourite Fett killed the monster himself to outlive his Return of the Jedi fall. One factor that doesn’t clarify is why he’s lacking his armor now.

A bartender worthy of Deadwood

W. Earl Brown as the Weequay bartender in The Mandalorian season 2

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

Olyphant isn’t the one members of the “The Marshal” solid that has Western cred. Beneath the make-up of Mos Pego’s Weequay cantina proprietor is actor W. Earl Brown, who’s finest recognized for taking part in Dan Dority on Deadwood. Dan, after all, was the barkeep at Al Swearengen’s Gem Saloon, and a key participant within the marketing campaign in opposition to George Hearst — led by Olyphant’s Seth Bullock. Yee-haw!

Anakin’s podracer finds new life

mandalorian and cobb ride speeder bikes, one made our of anakin’s podracer in The Mandalorian season 2

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

Does podracing nonetheless exist within the post-Empire world? All indicators level to the retirement of the lethal racing sport. The Mandalorian means that instances have been robust sufficient on Tatooine because the Emperor and Darth Vader took maintain of the galaxy that almost all podracing elements have been cannibalized for different functions.

In “The Marshal,” we see Cobb Vanth driving a speeder bike made out of a podracer engine. However they don’t appear to be simply any spare elements: The yellow air scoops, the pink protect defending the combustion chamber, the round compressor — it seems to be Anakin Skywalker’s outdated racer, as seen in his fateful race in opposition to Sebulba in The Phantom Menace.

A takeoff worthy of Boba Fett’s jetpack fail

Cobb Vanth in Boba Fett armor shooting up into the sky with a faulty jetpack

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

Cobb clearly sports activities Boba Fett’s armor in “The Marshal,” however the bounty hunter reference that reduce deep comes across the 45-minute mark, when Din Djarin and Cobb Vanth maintain their floor in opposition to the enormous Krayt dragon.

The Mandalorian, being an precise warrior, has a plan to activate the remaining bantha bombs within the creature’s stomach. However to try this, he must get Cobb out of the realm — and there’s no time to ask. So he takes benefit of the foremost design flaw in Boba Fett’s jetpack, first demonstrated in Return of the Jedi’s sarlacc pit motion sequence, and sends his new pal flying in the other way of the combat. From the movement Pedro Pascal provides to faucet the jetpack to the aerial flailing, it’s the right homage to one among Star Wars’ lovably dopey moments.

The Krayt dragon pearl

Tuskan Raiders find a Krayt dragon pearl in The Mandalorian season 2

Picture: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

Krayt dragons are among the coolest and most under-explored creatures in all of Star Wars, not less than within the films. The truth is, their solely look within the movies is available in A New Hope, when C-3PO wanders by the skeleton of 1. Fortunately, this episode provides us loads of Krayt dragon motion.

C-3PO standing in sand dunes in Star Wars: Episode 4 A New Hope

C-3PO strolling by a krayt dragon skeleton
Picture: Lucasfilm

Whereas The Mandalorian’s complete Krayt dragon combat is enjoyable to see, the very best half is the tiny second on the finish when the Tuskens discover a pearl contained in the dragon. Within the prolonged Legacy universe of de-canonized books and video games, Krayt dragons are recognized for his or her extraordinarily priceless pearl, which may typically be utilized in lightsaber creation. The truth is, there’s a Star Wars: Knights of the Outdated Republic mission that has you blow up a Krayt dragon utilizing a bantha to lure it onto explosives. And whenever you end the monster off, you’re rewarded with a shiny pearl.

Seeing the Tuskens rapidly trying to find the pearl and celebrating once they discovered it, with out a lot fanfare from the opposite characters, who’ve in all probability by no means seen a lifeless Krayt dragon and don’t know how a lot the pearl is price was a really good little contact.

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