Love and intercourse within the web age | DW Documentary

The singles market is massive and on-line relationship companies are booming. Digitalization appears to make discovering the right mate easy. All it takes is a pair of clicks …

30 thoughts on “Love and intercourse within the web age | DW Documentary

  1. Tinder did a survey. It found 80% of women are matching with the top 20% of men.
    Therefore if you’re a man not in the top 20%, internet dating is a pointless exercise.

  2. Without really huge money all this businesses/market means nothing, pure consumptionism………….. full of meaningless empty phrases.

  3. If that female in red with black short hair KEEPS playing her "hard to get" or "keep swiping left", she will keep being single for more than the 6 years than she has already been. Too bad, stay alone, her "play hard to get" is not getting her anywhere!

  4. Funny how people won't step onto an empty sidewalk without a mask and hardly leave their homes, but still go on anonymous hook up sites for a quicky with a stranger.

  5. Internet is great for dating nut social media has created very unrealistic fake standards, which has made people too demanding. Also I've seen multiple relationships and marriages fall apart because of social media. These people look at instagram and see the monst unrealistic highlights of fake people and start to resent their significant other, because they want something like that

  6. Online dating is like Weight Watchers, it works but then doesn't so people always come back. Then again, the odds are against you when most profiles are fake. Date doctor is the best job in this market much like pike and shovel sellers in the gold rush.

  7. Dating coaches are the worst. They make you into a player to find the right one. And when you find the right one. You are no longer yourself. You dated 50+ girls and fked 10+ of them and you are now hollow inside. A fake person with no heart. A fking player. Or you are close to death by depression from being the one who get dumped every time. Sometimes the woman is the player and the man who nearly commit suicide.

  8. Dating platforms just made it even harder to find a person that is not destroyed by previous dates/boyfriends/girlfriends.

  9. I think way more people are single and lonely than ever…so much for technology connecting us…it's distraction from the person right next to you…as you walk by….
    .I hear so many people saying they have no friends….it's crazy

  10. dating apps are creating more single people, and people are now very picky. don't know why documentaries about dating apps keep trying to push the narrative that it is "opening up" the dating pool. HA, it's closing it up. plus throw in covid 19 into the mix, and you've got the perfect mix to create singletons for life.

  11. 9:50 – love what she says .. we’re like commodities on the dating market and there’s so much pressure to continuously better yourself. And that is indeed what all the dating coaches seem to say, « focus on your goals, your passions,… » …been there, done that. Still single!

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