23 thoughts on “Like Us EVERYWHERE On the Web

  1. Or if you're donald trump you can't do any of that…..so write a letter and send it before the post office bans you too (he did try to slow them down and said they were unreliable so kinda inevitable)

  2. I'm disappointed that Rob Lowe would go on the show and claim he saw Prince Harry now sporting a ponytail without proof. And for him to say he "followed him" is stalking. Why can't people mind their own business? And even if it was Prince Harry it's his business. So disappointed in Rob Lowe and James Corden, who did a great spot on Archewell Holiday Podcast. Corden was invited on the podcast yet he entered into a conversation with an actor Lowe about someone he's probably never met and made an unsubstantiated claim. I've lost a lot of respect for both. But I guess that's the name of the game.. get a laugh at someone else's expense and spread gossip and rumors just like the tabloids. I'm done with The Late Show.

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