Leaked PSN has Future 2 followers hoping for the return of an previous location

With simply two weeks till Future 2: Past Mild and the beginning of 12 months 4, Future followers are on edge, ready for brand new content material. However over the weekend, gamers found some new, official-looking artwork that implies two twists are coming simply earlier than Past Mild: a healed Traveler and the return of the unique Tower location.

Through the Pink Struggle marketing campaign on the launch of Future 2, the Pink Legion enemies destroyed the Tower — the first social house within the unique Future — and captured the Traveler — the mysterious house machine that provides Guardians their energy. By the top the marketing campaign, the Traveler awoke, releasing itself however fracturing off a number of items, which have since orbited round it within the sky.

Gamers additionally reclaimed a distinct tower within the Final Metropolis, with a totally new format. And apart from getting hit by a spaceship earlier this 12 months, the brand new tower has served Guardians simply superb — though many, myself included, nonetheless miss the openness of the unique Tower.

On Saturday, Future followers uncovered some official Bungie artwork from a dependable supply: the PlayStation Retailer.

Destiny 2 leaked art

You possibly can see the restored Traveler on the high, and Guardians positioned just below the previous Tower
Picture: PlayStation by way of Raid Secrets and techniques subreddit

The picture above is small, and should look fairly bland for non-Future followers. However these with a eager eye will discover two issues. The previous Tower and the Traveler — each broken throughout the Pink Struggle — now appear to be again to regular.

On its face, this might be some inventive license taken to make the artwork look a bit cleaner, however this isn’t the primary time Bungie has teased a healed Traveler. In early June, Bungie introduced Past Mild and the Future Content material Vault, the place the studio will retire growing old content material and convey again content material from the unique Future. In that weblog publish, we obtained a have a look at the sport’s new Director display screen in Past Mild.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Director Year 4

Have a look at the utterly spherical Traveler on this picture
Picture: Bungie

The picture above — the brand new Director as of Nov. 10 — reveals a healed Traveler.

The current Destiny 2 Director pre-Beyond Light

Examine the Traveler on this picture — the present Director — to the one above. It’s clearly damaged.
Picture: Bungie

However the picture of the present Director reveals what gamers have seen for the previous three years: the broken Traveler. This proof appears to recommend that gamers will — straight or not directly — restore the Traveler throughout 12 months 4.

The return to the previous Tower has considerably much less proof. Except for the leaked picture, a Future dataminer has prompt one thing large is coming quickly. In a deleted tweet, streamer Parisito leaked some clues about an upcoming occasion in Future 2. This got here shortly after an extended upkeep interval in Future 2, which gamers assume might be hiding the revised Tower or some secret content material. Earlier than they deleted the tweet, it talked about some codenames that gamers assumed corresponded to areas within the previous Tower. Parisito would solely remark “quickly” when gamers requested for extra particulars.

Broken Traveler Destiny 2

The Traveler is presently fairly busted in Future 2
Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

It’s not clear if something will ever come of this elaborate leak. However Bungie does appear to be hiding one thing, and gamers have discovered a secret emblem known as “Calamity Protocol,” which comes from an “end-of-season occasion.”

One thing will occur simply earlier than the launch of Future 2’s subsequent growth. And whereas it actually might be a restored Tower and a rebuilt Traveler, we in all probability gained’t know for an additional two weeks. However Bungie will reveal its pre-Past Mild ViDoc on Tuesday morning, probably displaying off the brand new artwork and a possible return to the Tower.

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