Is your youngster protected on web? | We Requested | In collaboration with ECPAT Nepal

Paradygm TV is again with the ‘We Requested’ present the place we acquire the opinions of the general public on up to date points. Because the pandemic grows throughout the nation, …

32 thoughts on “Is your youngster protected on web? | We Requested | In collaboration with ECPAT Nepal

  1. !TIME diyera padhnu ho la !2:32 mero bicharma yo uncle ko bichar nai galat xa ki yo uncle uneducated hunuhunxa ya unaware hunuhunxa , yo uncle le 10 barsa ko bachha lai mobile dinu abhivabhak ko galti bhannu bhayo tara , bachha le mobile xudai ma naramro hudaina ni ta , bachha le k herxa use garxa ki missuse garxa ma bhar parxa , ghar ko environment le farak parxa , internet ma ramro kura ni hunxa naramro kura ni hunxa , bachha le k kura herxa wa sikxa bhanna le farak parxa , 10 barsa ko bachha le i ternet bata kei sikna pani ta sakyo ni ta jun kura usle ghar wa school bata sikna sakdaina ,haamro school haru ma electronics sikaudaina tara tyo bachha le sike ra kei banayo bhani ni , jastai youtube bata video here ra fan banayo bhani ni , bachha le mobile chalaudaima bachha bigridai na ,tyo bachha bigrina ko sato kei sikna pani ta sakyo ni ta , i am 13 years old ma pani internet use garxu , ma school ma na bhujhe ko kura ma youtube bata ya google bata sikxu yo kura galat bhayo ta , maile coding sike , robotica sike , electonica sike video graphy , photography sike , yo kura galat bhayo ta , internet galat hoina manxe ko dimag ra sochai galat ho .

  2. this is very informative and educative as well specially in this time when kids are crazy about opening accounts online be it any social platform or youtube or tiktok … and crave about the likes, followers, views…

  3. there more that, like internet influence children more than us. Imagine if a child saw weird kind of ideology and tries to follow, not that imagine a child follows his/her idol follow sand blinding trust them. Guess what happen in a child mindset, And I have met on incident, I have my niche and She told that she and his group of internet people came along and cancel one the Creator in twitter. See what is happening in internet, not that I told her that do you why did you cancel that guy and She told "because my Idol told to cancel them" and more than that it was an achievement for her. Children are naive they are easily influenced.

  4. Why are people disliking this type of contents?
    These people are just amazing, educating and spreading knowledge to people. You guys deserve a huge round of applause.❤️

  5. The most surprising fact is kids are so obsessed for likes and follower on tiktok and they follow some western trending video without knowing the meaning.

  6. Dear Parents, Please encourage your children to ask themselves before posting anything on social media and If your son/daughter is sharing photos on online ask your son/daughter to let you see what they are sharing .You can also ask an older sibling to check any photos before they’re shared

  7. Make a video about Nepal's political crisis. I don't think people including me are aware of how serious this situation is.

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