Is Your Web FAST Sufficient?

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How a lot web pace do you really want?

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37 thoughts on “Is Your Web FAST Sufficient?

  1. Philippines is slowest internet connection in the world HAHAHA definitely we can feel just like a kb rather than mb HAHAHA

  2. I have a 80 megabits connection and it's awesome idk why people would get 1 gigabit internet it's so unnecessary I think
    150 megabits is the perfect connection for all situations

  3. my download speed is 7mb and upload speed is 2mb.
    Yet I xan watch videos on 1080p from the pc with no buffering.
    The only problem I have is lag on hypixel

  4. why was I able to stream 4K with a 13 mbits/s connexion (there is like 12 devices connected to the wifi and 5 of them were used) before I had fiber ?

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