Inside The On-line Unfold Of Far-Proper Extremism | NBC Nightly Information

What was fringe beliefs are actually amplified by the web together with social media website Parler, which extensively unfold false claims that the presidential election …

33 thoughts on “Inside The On-line Unfold Of Far-Proper Extremism | NBC Nightly Information

  1. The face of true democracy. Speaking in favor of Trump is an attack on US democracy. Maybe something is wrong with democracy ???

  2. Those Antifa guys must be pretty brave because they were willing to spend 20 years in prison just to make Trump supporters look bad. So, Antifa is clever enough to infiltrate a mob, but also complete idiots risking arrest, imprisonment, or worse.

    Nope. It was a Trump supporters.

    Also, I thought Republicans believed in people taking responsibility for what they do. When these people do something terrible – they blame others. Even Trump refuses to take responsibility for anything he does that goes wrong.

  3. Not only parler but the most dangerous are those evengelical, preachers, pastors, self pro-claimed prophets and churches who are still using Jesus name to mislead christian into believing that Trump is God or godsend.
    And I have been warning that ever since the first day.
    These religious group had broken one of the commandment of God's rules and must be addressed immediately as these are the signs of anti-christ movement who are trying to take over america.
    All of these irresponsible group are not only helping themselves on america but even spreading the pandemic ever bigger as well.
    America have been under siege by these group and this is no joke as the ring leader is no Jesus but a demon who disguised himself as one.

  4. America was founded on high treason and insurection, and that is what it's going to take, to take our country back!
    "There's a government within the government and I don't have control"! – Bill Clinton (Ex President)
    The american people are sick of it! This is the government that needs to be overthrown. America you deserve exactly what you get! The blood has only started to flow….

  5. 1 day of fights and people in the white house or months of blm protestors destroying cities and looting all the stores and burning buildings. Yeah. All the news is liberal. Trump should have won. The other guys are so full of bs

  6. FU NBC Tell me how is it Trump can be impeached over nothing yet Biden Commits a quid pro quo on film with real evidence and can become the President of the United States with not so much as an inquiry?

  7. I’m a subscriber and will leave YouTube. Flee YouTube. We must leave due to THE PURGE from Liberal platforms.
    YouTube to Rumble
    Twitter to Parler. They are trying to ban it from Google Play and Apple stores.
    MSM/Fox News to Newsmax and One America News (OAN).
    Google Search Engine to DuckDuckGo
    Google Chrome to Firefox
    Dollar to Silver/Gold/Bitcoin
    You and I should have the courage to say to our enemies, “there is a price we will not pay. There is a point beyond which they must not advance.” former Democrat Ronald Reagan
    One commentator put it “He’d rather live on his knees than die on his feet”. former Democrat Ronald Reagan Before they delete it too.

  8. 45 incompetent should be arrested his volatile words incited hordes of criminals led to the death of police officer Brian Sicknick and four other criminals

  9. Biden STOLE the election, can you brainwashed fools say FRAUD??? Go to Nations in Action and watch their latest video if you have the balls, the truth is after you pathetic cowards.

  10. I got time, delete and repost. Nations in Action is coming for you. Run cowards, the truth is after you. Pathetic lying Femocrat fools.

  11. You Femocrats are brainwashed fools. Go to Nations in Action and watch their latest video if you have any balls. Trump won, history will prove you are incompetent of thinking for yourselves.

  12. For two and a half months Antifa did much worse, burned down a federal courthouse, burned down a police building, why did the Democrats shut up ???? Why did Mr. Biden not condemn it? He have two and a half months to do that? Why did Nancy Pelosi do nothing ?? Two and a half months of severe violence including killing of innocent people and policemen. And the same organization that represents the Democrats, the Democratic leaders were silent. Silence is = a crime !!!!!

  13. Boot lickers mad about corrupt representatives being chased out of the capitol after doing nothing to help the constituents for decades, these people shut down our nation ruining peoples lives. and are giving themselves billions in stimulus money, while the rest of us are forced into debt. When we try to go through the legitimate channels we get censored and labeled conspirators, as long as we have a 0% of achieving our interest this will keep happening. This is politics and these are the stakes! If they don't like that they can find new professions.

  14. Ya the guy with the horns is an actor they took his page down yesterday ! I saw it ! He was also ohoyoed with Pelosis son in law ! This was a set up ! Dozens of face recognition pictures most of the people that stormed the capital were Antifa !

  15. Reagan gutting the mental health system was the worst mistake of his admin. It has lead to more long term consequences than any other action

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