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  1. Hi Everyone,

    We've noticed there has been an increase in the number of scammers and fake accounts impersonating GaryVee in the comments of our videos recently. Most of these scams are related to cryptocurrency and will ask you to message a number. Please look for the verification mark when reading and replying to any comments that look like they are from Gary. Also, any comment from Gary will clearly state "x replies from GaryVee and others" when it comes from his official account.

    For more information check out this post: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgyLrb81YZuh7oeNsKF4AaABCQ

    Thank you and be safe!

    – Team GaryVee

  2. Interesting to see that he's doubling down on / into YouTube in that final cutaway. I took away from the video:
    influences, underprice attention, right platforms, his content strategy (100 pieces per day), be nice, can you sell your one thing, cash is oxygen. Any others people noticed on first glance?

  3. hello. i am starting with a channel. its not just about trips but also dreams come true.Can you see it and give tips? i am from portugal.i want to learn and do it better tecnolocical and conteudos. thank you

  4. Gary is able to see that content is everywhere because he understands the WE as a functional unit are in fact the dirty deets within the relevant details…that's what makes relevancy relevant…because it's about us
    don't overcomplicate what was meant to be simple and quite literally ingrained in our fucking birthright.

  5. the reason why massive amounts of imperfect action works is because we are already whole and complete as energy beings. The massive amounts of action is just movement …we were given the answer in 8th grade biology. Convert the potential energy into kinetic energy

  6. Mistake: ✨Giving with the expectation of a return. ✨

    Thanks Gary for putting an age old adage into context for the biz world.

  7. @garyvee Thank you for changing the way you explain your ideas, I think this is more digestible. Anyways, brilliant stuff thanks again from a long time fan !

  8. Dear Gary Vee. Regarding the recent “What Bitcoin Did” interview. YOU TALK TOO MUCH and did not wait your turn to clearly discuss the topics. YOU KEPT RAMBLING and interrupting. Yes, you are successful but you need to understand there are many other successful and wise ppl out there who can converse. It was a sad sight. LISTENING IS YOUR WEAKNESS.

  9. Hello The great Gary, I am working for a company in the aviation industry that does safety audits for private jets. I work as a marketing consultant. However, I told them we need to focus on our presence on social media. They have aviation training courses, I did an email campaign for these courses, social media Ads, Google Ads, organic posts, and yet no results. Please give me one advice that would open my eyes.

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