21 thoughts on “How To Converse On The Web

  1. To put it simply and compare it to a similar idea I've seen:
    "Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?"
    I learned that in Buddhism.

  2. While this is applicable to a lot of postings about political discourse, MMM isn't a one size fits all guideline. For example, what if speaking out for someone also includes speaking out against someone, or if you want to back up a claim by providing an example as a person so you aren't guilty of a straw man fallacy? And if you're part of a marginalized group, what if you have to speak out for yourself against someone directly antagonizing you? Ad Hominem attacks have lately been the bread and butter of online arguments and people often try to undermine your position by undermining your person. I also feel like the last question is a little watered down. I understand it means to say "Are you regurgitating an opinion from a group of people who share a self-ascribed label or is this something you genuinely believe in yourself?" but it sort of comes off as sounding like you're discouraging posting thoughts that sound like people who agree with you, which is silly because you would have ascribed yourself that label because those people are like minded, ie you wouldn't call yourself a feminist if you didn't mostly agree with the opinions, leanings and ideologies of feminism.

    Sorry, but every time he said it, I couldn't help but think about Markiplier's silly spore creation.

  4. Agreed that we should be more sensitive. I also think a large portion of the issues with discourse on Social Media are caused by the experience design of these platforms. Thoughts?

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  6. Seeing you pop up on GWJ, seeing Hank Green link to you, seeing you link to Science Mike. My world is coming together in the best ways right now.

  7. An interesting, logical, and well thought out video! One problem though, people arn't logical and neither are there emotions. For that soul reason I see true unification on the internet as unobtainable.

  8. This is really important. I hope that keeping in mind considerations like this can help me to improve my little corner of the internet. If everyone is working at this, there's so much potential.

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