How the Web Works in 5 Minutes

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The web is just not a fuzzy cloud. The web is a wire, really buried within the floor. Computer systems linked on to the web are referred to as “Servers,” whereas the computer systems you and I exploit are “shoppers,” as a result of they don’t seem to be linked on to the web, however by way of an Web Service Supplier. Routers shuttle packets of knowledge throughout the web, and transmit e-mail, footage, and net pages.

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  1. This holds up remarkably well 10 years later, not as in the basic framework holds up well, of course it would, but the examples of facebook, twitter, and gmail are still in use, and the imagery is still relevant too

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  3. Even when you're sending data. The last layer is unwrapped and then rewrapped with a new source and destination. It's not just constantly piling on.

  4. This isn't entirely accurate. The internet is just a conglomerate of networks and in particular ISPs connected together. The ISP is simply a large privately owned network that connect to other ISPs. Servers can be and are connected to ISPs.

  5. This is an absolutely excellent explanation! But did I miss modems somewhere in the video? What do those do lol? I think I just missed it in the vid and can’t find it

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