How good is Genshin Influence’s latest banner, Glowing Steps?

A brand new Character Occasion Want banner has began in Genshin Influence known as Glowing Steps.

The banner introduces a brand new playable character, Klee, to the sport. When you could also be tempted to go all-in for the lovely, explosive woman, you need to contemplate whether or not or not she could suit your playstyle or group composition.

Sucrose, Noelle, and Xingqiu are the featured four-star characters on this banner, which signifies that if you happen to’re going all in on Klee, you’ll positively accumulate a number of copies of all these characters alongside the best way (whether or not you need them or not).

Finally, you need to Want for no matter characters you want, whether or not that’s since you like their package, their design, or possibly even their voice actor.

As regular, keep in mind that gacha system is playing and it’s very possible that you simply gained’t get the character you’re pinning for. (Please spend duty, if you happen to select to!)

How good is Klee?

Klee is the featured five-star character within the Sparking Steps banner, that means that there’s a 50% probability any five-star you get might be her. (Although take into account that the chances of getting a five-star within the first place are extraordinarily low.)

Klee is a Pyro Catalyst-user who focuses on launching explosives. As such, she’s meant to be constructed as a DPS unit, and is fairly good at preventing bosses. All that being mentioned, Diluc is a much better Pyro DPS than she is, because of his excessive injury percentages.

Relying on what Elemental Burst talents you favor, she is usually a good alternative for Xiangling in two-Pyro compositions with Diluc. Since having two Pyro characters within the occasion will increase injury accomplished by 25%, pairing her with different Pyro characters is very beneficial.

How good is Sucrose?

Sucrose, a green-haired alchemist, stands in a grassy field

Picture: Mihoyo by way of Polygon

Sucrose is an Anemo help who makes use of a Catalyst.

As an Anemo person, Sucrose is situationally good. Whereas not nice to make use of towards Slimes and Abyss Mages, her bread and butter comes from her passive talent, Catalyst Conversion, which will increase the occasion’s Elemental Mastery when Sucrose triggers Swirl.

Finally, Sucrose will be useful as an Anemo-user as you remedy puzzles across the map, particularly in case your Traveler is attuned to Geo. The opposite Anemo characters are five-stars, which implies it’s very possible that Sucrose could also be your solely Anemo possibility at occasions.

Sucrose can be useful for crafting. In the event you use her to craft enhancement supplies, she has a 10% probability to double the product.

How good is Noelle?

Noelle, a Claymore-using Geo character, stands in a field

Picture: Mihoyo by way of Polygon

Noelle is a Geo Claymore-user who can be utilized as a DPS or a healer, however she’s not superb at both of those roles.

Each participant who rolled within the discounted Newbie’s Want banner was assured Noelle. She makes shields and serves as a tank-like character, however since Geo talents don’t add a lot to fights and her injury is low, Noelle isn’t nice. Most individuals simply use her as a “pickaxe” to interrupt open Iron Ore and the like, since her Claymore makes fast work of them. (Sorry, Noelle. You might be cute, however …)

How good is Xingqiu?

Xingqiu reads among some grass

Picture: Mihoyo

Xingqiu is a Hydro help character that wields a sword.

His Elemental Ability, Deadly Rainscreen, helps mitigate injury and heal your allies a bit, although if you happen to want a Hydro healer, Barbara is far more helpful. If you end up struggling towards hard-hitting enemies, Xingqiu will help you to not get killed in a single hit.

There are solely three Hydro items within the recreation proper now, with one being a five-star. Hydro has an important elemental response with Cryo, Electro, and Pyro, so having Xingqiu round to slap some water on enemies earlier than you mix one other aspect can be good to have.

Xingqiu can be helpful for crafting, as he has a 25% probability to refund a few of the supplies used when crafting expertise supplies.

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