Horse Quest On-line – The Story

Uncover the story behind Horse Quest On-line, see extra at Turn out to be a star and be a part of your wild horse and function play & free roam in a …

30 thoughts on “Horse Quest On-line – The Story

  1. wtf horse quest online i dont wanna buy member ship and i dont wanna repeat a quest over and over and over again to just to get 35 frigging horseshoes just to go back to 0 and git like 2 free quests and have to grind for the horseshoes all over again! its dumb and i will git the hero horse just because i dont wanna waste like 2 hours just to git horse shoes but its ridiculous why do you even do this its boreing and im only a level 4 and i gotta git 35 horseshoes just for 2 quests! ITS DUMB AND ALL YOUR GONNA GIT IS PEOPLE WHO UN LOAD YOUR APP

  2. If only they added night lmao I JUST got max level on my new account. I been through many accounts. The mountains is a lie. I promise it is a lie! They need to fix this. They also need to lower prices on hero horse!! What is the point of getting hero horse if your gonna run of of quests faster!?!

  3. I really love this game. It is so fun and addictive! I really want to be a Pegasus or a hero horse but my mom won't let me. Can you give me one of those please??? I am cloud flower.i really hope you will do that for me. thanks!❤️❤️

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