36 thoughts on “High 10 Darkish Misplaced Tapes Discovered On The Web

  1. I don't think anyone is as freaked out by the first video as I am, but…
    Imagine being alone, standing in a narrow, pitch-black hallway. The air is thick, stuffy and humid, permeated with an earthy, musky scent, as if the air you breathe is at least a decade old. You feel as if you're in a sort of submarine, surrounded on all sides by an ocean of twisting, snaking pathways that loop in on themselves, feed into different, darker tunnels, and lead you farther into the shadows of the catacombs. The pressure gets to you, the foreboding dread of never escaping putting an invisible weight on your chest. As if drowning, no matter how loud you scream, nobody will hear you as you flee aimlessly through the catacombs, wielding only the dim light of your dying camera. In addition, each step you take requires more and more energy, the murky, muddy water on the dusty ground sapping all your remaining energy. The echoing of wind and vehicles from the world above reverberate down into your tunnel, making it seem as if disembodied voices follow you everywhere you go. Despite your attempts to find the exit, you are lost, left to die, ironically, with the dead surrounding you. In the distance, from a separate tunnel in the labyrinth, you think you hear a faint set of footsteps squelching in the mud. A spark of desperate hope combatting the churning feeling in your stomach, you call out to them in hopes of escaping. No response. You call out again, but the footsteps continue — however, they sound louder. You call for a third time, the spark of hope growing. Only then, you realize that the footsteps had picked up speed. From a rhythmic pace, the steps had accelerated, and still were accelerating. They do this until it no longer sounds human, and instead, gives you the image of a large centipede snaking through the tunnels towards you. Although you cannot see the thing growing nearer, the muddy, wet footsteps thump closer with each millisecond. You glance around, the two ends of your hallway shrouded in darkness. Anything could emerge. The footsteps sound extremely loud when suddenly, the noise stops. Your heartbeat slows, and you stare at the blackness in front of you. Nothing appears. Breathing a sigh of relief, you attempt to fully calm yourself. However, just then, you feel a hot, stifling breath on your neck. There is something behind you.
    That's what I get from that camera video. Anyone else?

  2. Fun facts about Timothy Treadwell –

    He spent every summer in Kodiak, a small island off the coast of southern Alaska that is home to the worlds BIGGEST brown bears. During the year he got attacked, the time came for him and his girlfriend to fly out, because the bears would start to get more aggressive since they'd be packing on the pounds for hibernation. But Timothy hadn't seen one of his favorite bears in a little while, so he was concerned, and that's why he decided to stay longer, despite his girlfriend wanting to leave.
    He never had an issue in the summers leading up to this because Kodiak has a ton of food sources for the brown bears, but when he stayed too late into the fall, he was just food to them, thus leading to his ultimate demise. The bear that ate him was actually one that he had named.

    I HATE IT… ABSOLUTELY HATE IT… that y'all talk thru any videos and only show a few seconds of em NOT EVEN SHOWING ANYTHING!
    *I would rather see what the hell y'all talking about* then y'all talk and show 2 seconds of everything y'all explaining!!!

  4. I once heard that tape of the bear victims, man, that is still scary to think about. It was really creepy as hell, just listening and knowing nobody could come to their aid.

  5. The audio for the Grizzly Man is not the real audio. The family refuses to release the actual audio and says that they do not want anyone to hear it. They were contemplating destroying it a couple of years back so that no one would ever hear it.

  6. The Arsonist Video was on a crime show, forensic files. It was a a young man who lived with his family that was mad because a contractor was building a subdivision out of some wooded area that he and his friends would play.

  7. Me, in Google Meet: *looks behind shoulder* JESUS CHRIST– 0-0 … oh… it's just the wall… I-
    My friends and teachers: *Literal bruh moment*

  8. You might want to let people know the tapes of the grizzly bear attack were never released instead of saying they're out there. This channel is good enough without adding the false claims.

  9. Please don't go running into expansive subterranean tunnels. People don't go down there for a reason, and the lack of upkeep means you'll probably die horribly

  10. The arsonist was caught , it was a couple of teenage boys. This was on Unsolved Mysteries and it's happen somewhere in California. One went to juvenile hall one boy did and the other one went into a mental institution.

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  12. Year 2121, some random youtube channel: "At No.10 spot we have a random edited video from some channel named "MostAmazing Top 10" which shows a video with a guy explaining something and then it suddenly cuts to some other scene. The entire video looks superr creepy and could be the guy is something paranormal"

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