GTA On-line Prime 5 Neighborhood Performs #65: WILDCARD 30

Episode 65 of my neighborhood pushed collection, the highest 5 neighborhood performs. Right now’s theme is a Wildcard which suggests the clips dont revolve round any central …

21 thoughts on “GTA On-line Prime 5 Neighborhood Performs #65: WILDCARD 30

  1. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! I won’t be streaming today unfortunately since I am out of town. See you all Monday!

  2. I want to be killed by someone who gets in the community plays so I can say I am bad at the game by someone cooler than me (no this is not a fetish if you were wondering)

  3. Anyone wants to help me out with the doomsday heist setups and even the finale? I’ll pay a lot I don’t do it for the money anyways. Fatherps is my psn name

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