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Timed Content material Throughout Season 5

Season 5 brings with it a slew of latest content material, with an unique set accessible just for particular occasions, and some others as part of particular challenges. These gives you some new alternatives to boost your Spartans and on-line personas in MCC. Learn on beneath to get a take a look at what you’ll be able to count on – and, for some data on how one can add them to your armory.

Timed Nameplates

Under are the 2 distinctive timed Nameplates that you’ll want to only log-in to earn. Be sure you hop in throughout the months of February and March in 2021 to snag these two and present your assist to your fellow Spartans for Black Historical past Month and Girls’s Historical past Month:

Black Historical past Month: February is Black Historical past Month, log in throughout the month of February 2021 to safe the Nameplate just under.


Girls’s Historical past Month: Within the month of March 2021, you’ll be able to log in at any time to snag the all-new Girls’s Historical past Month Nameplate beneath.


Timed Seasonal Challenges

This season consists of 12 distinctive seasonal challenges and 4 of them embody customization gadgets as rewards. Take a look at their particulars beneath:

As a result of You Begged – Carry out an Assassination in opposition to an Elite to outlive a fall that might’ve been deadly within the Halo: Attain marketing campaign.

Reward: Mister Chief Mariner Helmet and 77,000 XP

Launch the Geese! – Full the Halo 3 mission “Halo” on Legendary with all gamers in Mongeese on the finish of the mission.

Reward: Hazard Pay Mongoose pores and skin and 77,000 XP.

Problem: Combo Maker – Full the “Responsible Shot” and “Who, What, Win” challenges. “Responsible Shot” requires you to get 343 headshot medals with the Battle Rifle in matchmade video games which earn you Three Season Factors and 50,000 XP. “Who, What, Win” requires you to win 25 ranked matchmade video games and earns you Three Season Factors and 50,000 XP. When finishing these two, it can fulfill the necessities for the Seasonal Problem “Combo Maker” with the rewards beneath.

Reward: Fortunate Shot BR pores and skin and 77,000 XP.

Problem: Robust within the Week – Full 30 weekly challenges.

Reward: Quickdraw Nameplate, four Season Factors, 200,000 XP.


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