Genshin Affect information: Lingju Go Geo puzzle answer

On the west aspect of Liyue, Genshin Affect gamers can discover Lingju Go, an space crammed with water and ruins. In the midst of Lingju Go sits a number of pillars to be activated with Geo skills.

A lot of the pillars are both out of attain or blocked off by obstacles that require finishing a puzzle to open. Needless to say you’ll want a Geo character, like Noelle, Ningguang, or a Geo-attuned Traveler. You’ll additionally want an Ameno character, like Jean, Sucrose, Venti, or an Ameno-attuned Traveler.

The primary Geo pillar is by the big tree over the water. To interrupt the barrier on it, you’ll have to run over all of the close by pink flowers within the floor. They’ll stand up from their place and explode. After doing this, the barrier will break and you should utilize Geo on the statues.

A Geo-activated pillar sits under a large orange tree

Picture: Mihoyo through Polygon

The second Geo pillar is to the west. To interrupt the barrier on it, you’ll have to put weight on each of the close by round plates. You are able to do this by utilizing Amber’s skill, Bunny Baron. Place the bunny on one circle and stand on the opposite circle. It’s also possible to use this utilizing the Traveler’s Geo skill to position the glowing boulder on high of one of many platforms. When you do that, the pillar will unlock to be activated.

A Geo pillar sits in the water surrounded by rocks

Picture: Mihoyo through Polygon

The third Geo pillar is to the east, reverse of the second. To interrupt the barrier, you must activate the close by clover windmill with an Ameno ability, both geared up by Venti or your Traveler.

A Geo pillar sits in the water surrounded by greenery

Picture: Mihoyo through Polygon

The fourth Geo pillar is straight up the steps, throughout from the primary pillar and doesn’t require a puzzle to activate.

A Geo pillar sits atop some steps in ruins

Picture: Mihoyo through Polygon

As soon as the 4 pillars are activated, a gale of wind will blow from the middle of the realm, permitting you to fly as much as the final remaining Geo pillar.

After you mild up all of the pillars, one Treasured Chest and two Beautiful Chests will seem as your reward.

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