Galacide Is Now Out there For Xbox One

Galacide combines the frenzied motion of traditional area shooters with the targeted, fast-thinking techniques of puzzlers. Select from quite a lot of ships, every outfitted with distinctive options and skills. Embark in your mission to tunnel by means of the strengthening alien invasion, discover the supply, and save the galaxy!

Go it alone or assemble a squad of your mates to battle in probably the most unforgiving corners of the universe!

In Galacide, you should rigorously strike a stability between preventing the enemy and tunneling by means of the encroaching Bitwall, as neglecting both will assuredly end in your demise. It’ll take a mix of talent, luck, and a complicated spacecraft to make sure your success.

As a part of your mission to eradicate the alien invasion, you’ll journey throughout the galaxy and go to distinctive locations like asteroid fields, planets, mining depots, and junkyards. Every location bringing you one step nearer to discovering the invasion’s supply!

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