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Return in time with these NBC Information archive clips from 1994 and 1995 when the “World Broad Internet” and Web have been mere mysteries. See what Matt Lauer, …

37 thoughts on “Flashback! The Web In 1995 | Archives | TODAY

  1. Oh my GOD!!! Its like cavemen talking, they sound so ridiculous, like what the missing link would sound like describing humans to its kind. are we sure these people aren't aliens or something…

  2. I can only think of two things in the whole of human history that have simultaneously put on bold display both the best and worst of what it means to be a human being: religion, and the internet.

  3. Looking at this and realised that's where we are now with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. One day the average Joe will watch a crypto video and laugh at how silly today's people are not knowing what it is.

  4. Born in 1981 this is the mid 90s and somehow people think my generation grew up with the internet. So they call me a millennial. The internet sucked in my area until the 2000s.

  5. "I'm afraid I'll get hooked…" too late, the entire human race is a bunch of digital junkies now.

    "Afraid I'll be inundated with information"

    Hit that one on the head, I feel her pain.

  6. In 1995 my friend's family participated in beta testing of cable internet, they didn't pay much and got 384 kbps down which was insanely fast for the time. Everyone else had 28.8 kbps dial-up or worse, and of course 95% didn't have internet at all. I was in awe when he showed me, he was always online, no need to use the phone line, and web pages loaded instantly. Fun childhood memories… It's really fun to be first with these things, 80% of people are 20+ years behind the curve, and most people are naturally opposed to technological progress which is stupid and not a battle you're ever gonna win.

  7. I remember going over to a friend's house in 1995 and seeing the internet for the first time. He called me over just to see it. Neither of us had any idea what it really was.

  8. "I feel like I'm so inundated with information all the time that I feel like, I don't want any more"
    I wonder if I'll be saying the same thing about VRnet or whatever replaces the internet as we know it.

  9. What a bunch of morons how do you not know what the internet is ??? everyone is using it even my 5 year old daughter knows what the internet is the stupidity is just unbelievable these news people should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. it must have been so weird for people to wrap their heads around the idea of the internet… i was born in the late 90s and i'm kind of shocked just thinking about how much it grew in so little time… how do you even explain the internet to someone??

  11. Too bad the internet thing never worked out the way they had hoped it would be. Meanwhile we're still stuck using phones and fax machines to communicate to people.

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