12 thoughts on “EVE On-line – Leaving Nullsec

  1. Did either the papi defeat in m2 or the init invasion of brave space help you decision to go back to high sec? Or was it that it just wasn’t as profitable as high sec?

  2. Bit disappointed really I was hoping you were going to be using a capital for either fleet or ratting. Thought null was about farming and protecting your space, and you have burned out already??

  3. Aw, I just discovered your channel this week, and you're leaving?

    But I get it, you need a bit of quiet time 🙂
    All the best in highsec! 7o

  4. Hey acey, got a question about the abyss, i have been interested in it recently, and wanna ask a person that's quite experienced in it, i know ur mini chamaleon fit for t4, ans im planning on running it with high grade crystals alpha, beta and gamma, would that be enough for me not needing to worry at all about dying?

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