EVE On-line – Guardian's Gala is Nice once more!

My first have a look at the brand new Guardian’s Gala 2021. It is significantly better now! Get 1 mil free SP on a brand new character: …

37 thoughts on “EVE On-line – Guardian's Gala is Nice once more!

  1. I ran two of the wormhole exploration sites yesterday, and the loot was ok, but not even close to what was coming up during the Yoiul exploration. Did I just get two bad sites, or is it really better profit in the combat sites? IGN: Isabella Eberhardt

  2. Still worrying these sites haha! Loving the Hearts urge skins are back too, finally got my Jackdaw one!!
    IGN: MrAsh Hitman

  3. hope the fun stuff stays. the hacking sites are the wright storms I think. its the Christmas event I think

    IGN_ S-089 Anvaurd.

  4. My previous comment disappeared, so I'm writing it again. I would like to participate in the giveaway, in game name is Douglas Norter.

  5. Hey i subscribed and hit and bell. My in game name is Ark Stray. Great vid dude. It would mean a lot to me if i won 🙂

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