Embed YouTube into PowerPoint 2007, no web connection

Embed YouTube movies into PowerPoint 2007. No reside web connection wanted to run video.

32 thoughts on “Embed YouTube into PowerPoint 2007, no web connection

  1. This is NOT embedding! This is LINKING! If the encoded fly file is moved the ppt presentation will not be able to find it in it's new location. The LINK will be broken. If it were EMBEDDED it would be part of the ppt file and go where ever it goes.

  2. @maniactive i can't find your sample of video down loader…..!!is their any other sample of down loader like that pls….reply..i need it for our project..ty

  3. easier way to do this without downloading crap but your video nor having to convert it just goto savevid.com put the URL downloads the vidoe at your choice extension do as she says from there toda!!! less work less space!!

  4. The easiest (and cheapest) way I found to do it was to download the free uTube downloader. Then, after you dowload the vid, you use the uTube downloader to convert the file to wmv format. Just make sure that you save the converted file in the same file folder as your PP and you'll be fine. I even used the uTube converter with a vid from another sigt and it converted it just fine. I wasted money on Zillatube, which NEVER worked right and they never refunded me or contacted me like I asked.

  5. The video downloader for the current version of
    Firefox is "adware.." The downloader used in this video doesn't work with the updated version of Firefox. Anybody know of a safe
    video downloader for the current of Firefox, Explorer,or Google Chrome?

  6. Thank you so much!!! I have to do a presentation for work and you are a life saver. It was quick and easy. You really broke it down step by step.

  7. Thanks. Another point that must be made though is that if you transfer your powerpoint presentation file onto another computer without the media file that you had just converted to mpg, your powerpoint video will not play. Many think that the video itself is embedded within the presentation when actually it's linked to the separate media file. Not sure if a change had been made with PP 2007. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks again. 🙂

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