Did this Band Make the Most Mysterious Music on the Web? – TFTI Updates

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46 thoughts on “Did this Band Make the Most Mysterious Music on the Web? – TFTI Updates

  1. maybe they’re all so hesitant to talk about it because of something that happened in the band? It would explain the fact that they lost contact and no other songs were recorded

  2. I think the most tell tale thing for me is the drums not even the synth. I dont think you would make a whole album on a drum machine and then one song with real drums. Did billy say that there were 5 songs not included and they were all recorded the same day? I would assume then, if TMMS was recorded this day with 4 others that the others would share some characteristics, possibly the real drums. Has the Pinky song resurfaced? Does that have real drums?

  3. We all overlooking the fact the singer in the song isn’t speaking English, so where is the name “Like the Wind” is coming from?

  4. HAHAHAHA I can't believe you bashed Dream in here lol. Fucking epic. Also props to the champs at NDR for staying on top of this.

  5. You wanna find the band who made this. Simple, just release it as your own song, then wait for the original band to sue. Done.

  6. For all the people who have said Billy lied just for publicity, let me tell one of Cam's videos, having a interview with him, he said he went "no" because he didn't even listened to the link, between 10:01 and 10:09.

  7. Honestly what if the OP just made it, or got a demo tape from his friends garage band, and just uploaded it to spark a mystery

  8. Theory: Someone by in the 80's created their own remix by using different tracks from the album and altered the pitches of the instrumentations in different frequencies of said examples mentioned just for a funny joke or an experiment.

  9. What we need is an AI that can connect two similar pieces of audio to each other…A Google, but for sound. So if we played this song to the AI, it would show us matches of sound files and videos that sound similar. This way, if there is any documentation of the song in any archive (I suspect the NY Archive Library…) the AI will bring up the result. However, I feel like this is sadly one of mny songs that will be lost to the ages. Fires, theft, destruction, burial, etc. So many archives of media, like London After Midnight, will never be found. I do believe this is the work of the lead singer, however, again, he is probably dead.

  10. plot twist: whang is actually behind the creation of the song and all the hype in order to get clout, but nobody will find out as we all think the song is supposedly from the 80s.

    disclaimer – this is satire

  11. 19:11 As a german i can confirm, that indeed, they do NOT forget.
    They just need time to find it! Its great that they showed their dedication to this mystery :3

  12. So let me get this straight. "Like The Wind" was the song that was promoted, (allegedly played by Baskerville on NDR) but the song didn't even have a name and wasn't going to be on their album release? Really? What's wrong with this picture? Am I suppose to believe that a band is going to promote a song (without a name) that's not even going to be on their own album? Bullshit !

    Then there is the issue of the Song List – You'll see the list on the Wiki for the most mysterious song

    The song list doesn't add up. See there is a list of songs that were recorded supposedly at the same time that the mystery song was. But on that list are several songs that have a (Maxi) designation after it.

    Maxi was used to denote that a particular song was a special long version, much like an extended version or commonly referred as a 12" single. So were all those songs recorded off the radio? Or only SOME of them? —– Or maybe none of them?

    Think about it. Why would the listener put (Maxi) after some of the songs? Was it common for NDR to play songs from a Maxi single? And even if NDR radio station DID play maxi length songs, would NDR bother to TELL the audience that the song came from a Maxi cassette or an 12" extended play? How did the listener know that it was a Maxi recording? Who told him?

    Consider this…

    What if the listener really borrowed those songs on that list from a friend's cassette or album and then dubbed the song ONTO his cassette? Well then his recollection of recording that song from NDR may not hold true. So what's the point? If he recorded it off a friend's cassette tape or album- – – -That means the song was already released. Meaning that SIM's claim that it wasn't released yet it is BS.

    I am sure he recorded music from NDR, but he might not have recorded THAT particular song from NDR because there are other songs on that list that indicate that they possibly come from another source like a cassette tape, or a CD or off an album.

    About the 10 khz signal that NDR allegedly uses in all it's broadcasts. Where did you hear that from?

    Lastly…How do we know that the song is even called "Like The Wind"? Maybe the name of the song is really "The Sun Will Never Shine". Maybe it is "Solitude". Suppose it is called something else entirely. Some bands put a title to a song that is not even in the lyrics.

    If THAT is the case, then that would really suck because we got people looking in old radio logs, record libraries, magazines, internet searches and everywhere else for "Like The Wind" when it really could be named something else…Maybe that's why it hasn't been located yet.

    Stay Tuned

  13. 9:30 What? ''You don't know ''SH*T'' about the instrument.'' What is that, this comment is really disrespectful. If Billy Knight really is the producer of the song, I will really hate this song. I'm younger than him but always I'm trying to be respectful to people.

  14. I would be willing to bet hard money that Statues in Motion didn't record this song purely based on style alone (in other words, I agree with Whang). It COULD be their lead singer embarking on another project – their voices are very similar indeed – but then again, the early to mid-eighties were filled with singers who had that kind of rich, sulky baritone.

    Confident that we'll know who recorded this song soon, though. The biggest tragedy would be if we get the name of the band but no membership details or clear leads about what became of them.

  15. if Alvin was alive, wouldn't the company that re-released the album have to send him royalties, or could this be a Q Lazzarus type situation? Perhaps that could be a lead, and if he has passed maybe he has family or an estate that receives the royalties instead?

  16. I don't think so. The vocals are similar, but that style was popular, and the accents seem different. Like trying to attribute a Creed song to Pearl Jam 30 years after the fact. It just doesn't fit.

  17. i wonder if it's possible to find a list of acts that played at local hamburg venues like logo in the time period the song was recorded to potentially help narrow down the search?

  18. Even ignoring the musical differences, the vocals alone while sounding to ally similar, have very different diction. It’s not the same person. SIM sounds like someone from Greece or Cyprus, and the Mystery song has a more Eastern European diction and delivery. So close, but definitely different people. Sorry folks.

    Also the point about mostly guitar driven vs synth based only is very telling as well.

    As a half Greek and other half mix of German and Russian, I can tell the difference easily due to growing up with broken English from elder family of both sides. Also as a 14 year recording engineer and producer, my analysis of vocal delivery is very fine tuned.

  19. DUO PHONIC DUOPHNIC?!?!?!?! WHY What fuck reason could anyone have to create a duo phonic instrument???? All of the drawbacks of a polyphonic without the ability to make chords yep great.

  20. 7:30 Answer- Maybe the guy just misremembered the year. I'm sometimes off by a year, and I'm not even a rocker. Anyway. That's my response. I'll finish the video now.

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