Defend IP Act Breaks the Web

Once I discovered Battle for the Future wanted assist with their marketing campaign towards a brand new invoice known as PROTECT-IP, I needed to take some time away from Every little thing is a …

28 thoughts on “Defend IP Act Breaks the Web

  1. Fuck all of you pirates who just want free shit. you make the media industry loose incentive to make content…why should someone make abillion dollar movie if everyone is watching it for free? why should authors write books?? Who's going to pay musicians? y'all are just filthy disgusting rats hiding under the banner of oppresion….theft is theft, intellectual property is still property

  2. Have the "Protect IP" and SOPA ("Stop Online Piracy Act") bills even taken into consideration the First and Fourth Amendments rights of the U.S. Constitution?

  3.  The government can take control of the internet, we can just make another one. Other countries have internet that can be different from our own, they aren't now because that isn't the point, but if it had to be it could be the point. People tend to think of the Government as a single person who can do things when it wants to, but the government is a collection of people who can be fired, out voted, and jailed. If the people don't agree with the government they just do what they want, until the laws are changed i.e. criminals. And it will always be so.

  4. A redditor posted an article for use of students in college for free, the company sued them and the government jailed the redditor for 20 years, once the company heard about this, they pulled all charges off as this was 20 years in jail… The redditor committed suicide. Pretty horrible things for copyright.

  5. I half way understand. Since the Internet the entertainment industry has taken a big hit. But there should be a compromise… shouldn't effect kids….and it should be limited to actual copyright infringement/free downloading, not admiration for the music.

    The next logical step would be a censorship on our freedom of speech!
    F*** YOU Mr. MAObama – People won't let this happen. I WON'T.

  7. i dont care what the fuck they say!when ill be able to i myself will break evry us stupid site and shit like the pentagons computers and all those

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