Cyberpunk 2077 velocity glitch helps you to run sooner than automobiles can load

Not all glitches in Cyberpunk 2077 are as immersion-breaking as gamers’ butts or unmentionables hanging and flopping out. Some might be helpful — particularly to speedrunners.

The glitch in query includes modding up V with Maneuvering System, a chunk of cyberware that lets the participant execute a dodge mid-air. (Discover mentioned cyberware in Santo Domingo’s Arroyo sub-district.) As Redditor Strikielol discovered (by way of Eurogamer), it additionally permits gamers to sprint mid-air. When a mid-air sprint is correctly timed, it offers V super-speed.

The trick is to hit sprint proper earlier than V lands; this mainly confuses the sport into merging each the sprint and the bounce ahead, and with it, V builds up momentum and velocity properly past what CD Projekt Crimson builders meant. We all know that as a result of, when zooming down the freeway, the participant goes sooner than it takes for automobiles to load in. Watch them popping out and in:

Different gamers have discovered methods to compound the positive aspects with in-world mods, like strengthened tendons (out there on the ripperdoc in Watson, Little China), which provides a double-jump to the participant’s repertoire.

What’s it good for? Nicely, it needs to be apparent, however this sort of factor often turns out to be useful for speedrunners, particularly in large-world position taking part in video games. There’s a bug inside Fallout 3 that likewise confuses and takes benefit of the sport, giving the participant an enormous enhance to strolling and working velocity; that’s been a mainstay of Fallout 3’s any% run, serving to one runner crack the 15-minute completion mark 5 years in the past. (The present world-record holder, LMW, additionally used the “velocity cripple” trick to set their 14:24 time on Dec. 17.)

Cyberpunk 2077’s any% mark is considerably longer — 3:03:50, set by ColdCypher on Dec. 31. After all, the sport solely launched on Dec. 10. Possibly the invention of this glitch shall be useful in cracking the 3-hour barrier in brief time.

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