constructing your on-line model

beforehand unreleased footage of Hugh Brandity’s seminar entitled “Constructing Your On-line Model”

that is the place brian david gilbert is:
karen han is right here:


50 thoughts on “constructing your on-line model

  1. The harmonies at the end and the ones in the prophecy of it’s time to get good at darts exist at opposite ends of a spectrum but i don’t know what that spectrum is

  2. If you look closely at 2:31, where Karen says "I do equine fashion reviews now," Brian (or, uh, Hugh) grimaces because he has equinophobia. Gosh, the lore of this fandom is deep

  3. I'm the Game Master for a game of Starfinder (sci-fi D&D) and one of my players has become a social media influencer, and you bet your ass Hugh Brandity is about to be an NPC trying to help her.

  4. Help I can’t stop laughing at “and that’s why I’m here to help you turn your humanity into your hu-brand-ity”

  5. A while back I think that I chugged maple syrup and blissfully fell into a coma for several months. Then I saw this in my watch history, and realized that the experience only lasted 2 minutes and 43 seconds.

  6. Also, I'm super curious where you're roommates from now because of how she pronounces "pasta". I like it, but it sounds very Euro.

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