Con Dâu Bán Hàng On-line Bị Mẹ Chồng Trí Thức Xỉa Xói Là Thấp Kém | Mẹ Chồng Nàng Dâu Tập 32

Bán hàng on-line cũng là một nghề chân chính. Cũng cần có cố gắng và trau dồi mỗi ngày mới có thể là một người bán hàng giói. Vì thế không có nghề nào là …

29 thoughts on “Con Dâu Bán Hàng On-line Bị Mẹ Chồng Trí Thức Xỉa Xói Là Thấp Kém | Mẹ Chồng Nàng Dâu Tập 32

  1. So glad she walked out on the hateful nasty woman! Finally !! And guys you look ridiculous wearing lipstick! Seriously awful

  2. I would find my sister and go upside her head for making me look like a thief, and for making that nasty woman look down on me more

  3. It's bad enough to steal from your mother but it's even worse when your sister betray you. No turning back from that one. A parent always believes in their children and they always want the best for them.

  4. Dieu is absolutely right that Bao is really addicted to gambling after discovering his secret place. He regularly begs for his mother's money and even steals her money and jewelry. Trang Anh is bao's accomplice. Mai Bui as a mother learns from his playmate Tu that Bao has a big gambling debt of 21,000 USD.

    Her mother-in-law should have believed and trusted Dieu and Thang. Now she has made her decision to leave the apartment with Thang. Bao must learn to pay back his debts.

  5. Really just believe the first thing someone says? Then expect them to forgive you just like that? Hell no!! I’m glad dieu and her husband just left!!

  6. After everything that family (except her husband) has put her through Dieu came back and paid his debt of $21,000 she is either the biggest mug going or living up to her Mother in Laws words UNEDUCATED

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