Cicada 3301: An Web Thriller

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00:00 The First Puzzle
05:19 The Second Puzzle
07:42 The Third Puzzle
10:20 The Finish

40 thoughts on “Cicada 3301: An Web Thriller

  1. There's so many more awesome details of this story.

    A solver group social engineered the phone company that owned the first phone number, but for some reason, even the customer service reps couldn't see any details.

    Whoever 3301 is, they have clout.

  2. These tards have been bamboozled into thinking their the smartest. For the purpose of affirmation they are somehow superior to others. After the completion of taskes. They want you to subject others to unbelievable technology that irresistibly influences them into behavior. Robots, cyborg, destiny your programs have been written in accordance with your naivety keep up your idiocy and you will be slaughtered

  3. Has Cicada 3301 assumed that everyone who can quickly solve a puzzle is also a programmer who will write programs for them? It's not very smart.

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