Cakefarts – Tales From the Web

Obtain Warfare Robots at no cost: The story of the outdated cakefarts web site and the video it contained. Pixel Factor Behind Me (Affiliate Hyperlink): …

42 thoughts on “Cakefarts – Tales From the Web

  1. This website randomly popped up in my head just the other day because of how weird it was. I’m glad other people actually remember the monstrosity that was cakefarts. That whole era from about 2007-2009 when shock videos went viral was just bizarre.

  2. Yesssss i had a dream you did a video about Cakefarts once and was pissed it wasn't true! Awesome to see you finally make it.

  3. During one of the add brakes on this video a 2020 voting add with you in it came up while I was watching this, weird.

  4. Haha This shit had a pay per view website with cake, meat loaf- all kinds of shit. Just to watch a girl with an okay ass fart on food. What the hell was going on in the mid 2000s? And how are the last 5 years so much worse?

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