Breath of the Wild, modded so each single enemy is a Golden Lynel

Lynels are the hardest problem The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has to supply, Ganon however. Golden Lynels, that are unique to Breath of the Wild’s Grasp Mode, are even worse.

In Grasp Mode, enemies are stronger, they regain well being, and might even one-hit kill Hyperlink. What makes Golden Lynels manageable, nonetheless, is that there are solely a restricted variety of them within the base sport. Not so in streamer PointCrow’s current Twitch broadcast, the highlights of which have been uploaded to YouTube. The intrepid BotW skilled, who we’ve coated earlier than, tweaked the sport so that each single enemy turns into the tough-as-nails Golden Lynel.

It’s a hoot to look at him attempt to take them on, as a result of even when he’s acquired the Lynel in entrance of him below management, there are normally a handful of others making an attempt to snipe him from afar. Initially, there’s a variety of working away, particularly as PointCrow visits areas clustered with enemies. Finally, nonetheless, he has to get the Hylian defend — which implies taking over a number of Golden Lynels in confined areas.

Spoiler: PointCrow completely dies. There’s a dying counter throughout the stream and every thing. Throughout one portion, he steps throughout the confines of an island surrounded by Lynels who all activate on the identical time, inflicting a large unavoidable explosion. Simply watching the Lynels spawn in is a variety of enjoyable. A beneficial watch.

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