44 thoughts on “Bizarre Web Stuff #4 (DarkViperAU MediaShare)

  1. You should put this in a facts and glitches, if you go to the prison in director mode with the cops disabled the cop out front will keep spawning when you look away.

  2. I vaguely remember you quoting DGR in a chaos episode, and saw him in your follower's list on the twitch sidebar. Do you happen to follow/watch a lot of SMM2 Matt?

  3. this is the full haiku 🙂 I wrote a haiku for you. In the world, a kid with a drone, was happy as a prone, he was jumping around with excitement as he screamed hundreds of times because he failed at a game, known as Grand theft auto.

  4. Daughter: Mom, I'm going on a date with my boyfriend
    Mother: Careful daughter, men today only think about one thing
    Daughter: What? Sex?
    Mother: No. MATTO & RADAL COLLAB

  5. “How is chevy in business?” Well you see mat, they are owned by an American motor monopoly, and then, in 2008, they almost went bankrupt. Lucking however, the govt gave them some stimulus so they would stay in business. Now their transmissions barely last the 60,000 mile warranty put on them after the 100,000 mile warranty was proven too high for their dogshit drivetrains

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