Biden suggests minorities simply aren't good sufficient to "get on-line."

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20 thoughts on “Biden suggests minorities simply aren't good sufficient to "get on-line."

  1. I'm just here to be a representative in the part to my mom's house is making chicken down the road because the pile of bees was on the floor with the soda can that tipped over

  2. what 70 year old or 60..50 ..40..30 ..or 20 year old would walk 5 miles to get a vaccine….unless it's a vaccine from your stupidity

  3. CNN & their talking heads say, Biden speaks in human terms & he really knows how to hold a Town Hall discussion. This guy only receives wiffle/ soft ball qustions. Absolutely no hard ball questions will be thrown to Mr. Biden's way. MSM doesn't constantly belittle & lie about him like they did President Trump. Example: Russia, Russia, Russia!

  4. Jim Crow Joe, this black woman knows how to get online, I just don’t want to get in line for the vaccination. Thank you. Keep your poison☠️ !!!

  5. Poor lady who asked the question….. First a look of confusion…. followed by a look of regret. Thinking….. I voted for this? OMG!

  6. This puppet is out to lunch…… I had no idea COVID was a racist. Facts on Deaths. Majority of COVID deaths are in nursing homes located in large cities….. They are elderly and White.
    Go to the CDC website and look up deaths by race and where the deaths occur. Its not my data its the CDC's data.

  7. Its funny how it sounds 100 times worse when you pause it at that point.. But listen after the forehead slap.. You play it in its entirety without the pause." He says a lot of people in rural areas don't know how to get online to get in line" but he's right because a lot of people in a rural areas don't even have access to Internet.. and even people that DO live in the city might not have a computer so might not know how to get in line for the vaccine since its all done ONLINE.. they know how to get online but they don't know how to get IN line for the vaccine OVER the internet, which is what he said.. but when you stop it right after he says "online" it makes it sound like he saying people don't know how to get online.. My dad fell for this cause the gets all his news from tick tock now.. He's a die hard trump cultist.

  8. Hey at least there's a chance he apologizes and corrects himself later.. Trump was too dumb to realize how dumb he was and would NEVER admit fault. He's the epitome of the dunning kruger effect. Anyone who votes for either party has their head too far up their ass to be able to see reality for what it is.

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