Bean Dad: The Web's Most Hated Father

Right this moment we dive into the story of ‘Bean Dad’, one of many largest Twitter dramas in current reminiscence. The web has been at odds over the situation- abuser, …

27 thoughts on “Bean Dad: The Web's Most Hated Father

  1. As someone whom a can of beans would have been a feast growing up, I literally do not see issue with how he handled that. Food and parental attention? Jesus, spoil me why Don't ya.

  2. He sounds like a bad dad. Instead of showing her what to do like a good parent, he made her have to struggle with a can of beans for six hours before she could eat anything.
    He also seems to be the kind of insufferable prick who uses big words and compares himself to a kid to make himself sound smarter than he is.

  3. This is the kind of dad that just loves the sound of his own voice. He dreamt it all up in his head, probably rehearsed and reworded a bit, actually said it, and then ran off to tell everyone he actually said this shit.

  4. you know what a teaching moment is in this situation? you sit down with your child and SHOW THEM HOW TO USE THE CAN OPENER

  5. What I find funny about this story, is that the can opener is probably one of those weird American can openers with two handles, instead of the more pratical and intuitive curved knife.
    I think I wouldn't learn to use this tool if someone explained to me how it works.

  6. I think whether the incident is a big deal or not comes down to someone's own childhood and perceptions of how they think a kid should be raised, or how they would be affected in this situation. We only have someone's second hand account of it, and I wouldn't say they're reliable, so whether it's even severe or not can't be proven. But jumping to "this is abusive" says more about someone's own personal life, to me.

    I think the way he went about "teaching" it was more about satisfying himself than really teaching his daughter the best way possible. After she tries using the can opener and describes the parts of it, that's already a good enough opportunity to just describe how it comes together, and they can, I guess, put that knowledge to work on later things (how many things are even set up like can openers though?). He set up this artificial situation where she had to act as if she didn't have any resources to help her besides the can opener.

    We're not gross weirdos living in the apocalypse though. We have access to knowledge on the internet. If you wanted to teach someone how to teach themselves, telling them how to look up this information and applying it is more effective than "hey, fuck around for 6 hours banging shit together like a cave man until something works, because daddy's bored and wants something to blog about."

  7. his tweets werent racist tho. Hes arguing against people using slurs, quoting them.
    he seems to be quite antisimetic tho

  8. In regards to 14:40 – my father taught me how to drive a car by explaining how it works. How everything works. And in his words without it there was no way I could drive.

  9. My mom often tried to teach me rather than help me. I learned a lot but she also DID help often or if I needed it. Food and care were never a tool or withheld as leverage. AND I STILL GET FRUSTRATED WHEN SHE TRIES TO MAKE A TEACHING MOMENT SOMETIMES. It’s hard to ask for help and gain an obstacle when you’re tired or stressed so it’s VERY important to read your kid and communicate a healthy headspace so a “teaching moment” isn’t miserable and traumatic. Over coming struggles is important development but so is learning to ask for help when you need it! Balance!!

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