Angela Lee CLAPS BACK At Web Trolls

Watch as ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee fires again at her social media trolls! Subscribe to ONE Championship on YouTube: …

36 thoughts on “Angela Lee CLAPS BACK At Web Trolls

  1. How did “Unstoppable” respond to her haters who questions her abilities and want her to vacate her hard-earned ONE Atomweight World Title? Watch and find out!

  2. Larry

    Angela, nothing wrong with your game. Dont gotta prove nothing to anyone except your opponent. You and your brother Christopher, are a delight for me to watch. Best of wishes for you and Christopher. Keep doin what you been doin………

  3. Honestly this video just lower the standard of both One Championship and Angela Lee. If you think you are the best, just hold it in and prove it to the ring when you are back.

    Having to make a video to reply is just so childish. Where the humility, respect that is always preached? You do not have to fight fire with fire. Just hugely disappointing.

  4. Wasn’t personal just wanna see exciting fights,getting beat up means she’ll be taken to muddy waters and we’ll see what she’s really got,didn’t say I wanted her to lose

  5. She’s my favorite and she’s a humble pro. She is the greatest!! Keep up the excellence in attitude, commitment, endurance, strength and happiness.

  6. AND…. The Hawaiian spirit came out BRUH I'm filipino also grew up in Hawaii. Should never TROLL anyone from the island because we take it serious and nevah forget. It's culture thing and use this fire as a motivation when in training. DENISE I STRONGLY HOPE YOU WORK ON GROUND GAME DEFENSE . The Champ will be coming in hot.

  7. la technique , la souplesse , la force , la simplicité , le charme Angela Lee vous êtes tout cela
    meilleurs voeux !
    pour moi j'attends de vous admirer à chaque fois ce n'est que du plaisir

  8. "If you want to become champion, I think you should fight the champ"

    Word, word, word.

    Don't understand how being pregnant disqualifies you from a belt you spent years training and fighting for. TBH, it's amazing that she'll be ready to fight in October.

    People shouldn't be penalised for choosing to start families.

    Power to you, Angela!

  9. They need a smoker, for all the champs, of all the promotions. To decide THE CHAMP! pay per view so all benefit, once every 1 to 3 years so timeing is not a problem. Dead ,alive, retired or invited. 1 belt and super prize per division…THERE SHOULD ONLY BE 1!

  10. saludos angela desde mexico matamoros, tamps mex eres muy bonita y alegre todo para delante animo veo todos tus videos

  11. Happy New Year miss Angela Lee it's a shame what this world has came to with some people hateful nasty comments you the champ and in my world you always be the champ love you baby girl may all your dreams come true

  12. >be her
    > proud of heritage
    >literally has white fever and bred out her asian genes

    Rip Asians who are actually proud of being asian, and her parents kek

  13. She definitely should vacate the belt. If she went to prison for 11 months, other fighterS shouldn’t have to wait for her release because that is a personal issue. Being pregnant is awesome for her and her family, but this is extremely unprofessional for both Angela Lee AND The One Championship.

  14. She is the best today, like it or not, and also smart at talking back, that’s what’s makes her the CHAMP!

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