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If you kind “the stew” into Google, Alison Roman’s Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric is first consequence. It is so standard that it even has its personal hashtag: #thestew. And it truly is pretty much as good because the web says.




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45 thoughts on “Alison Roman's Web-Well-known Chickpea Stew | NYT Cooking

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  3. Use the vegetable stalks for your stock. Add onion , carrot, bayleaf, salt & pepper. Simmer for an hour Voila! No need to use chicken stock.

  4. Is she using a different kind of tumeric cause the tumeric I know should be used sparingly and should be cooked for a while before adding anything else.

  5. Alison, PLEASE give credit to your dish by calling it by it's Authentic name — Chickpea Curry in English, or Channa Masala in Hindi. Taking credit by renaming it as a stew is called stealing. While most Indians generously want to share their cuisine with the world, it is downright mooching off of the worst kind.

  6. This dish looks great. Will take some advice I've read in the comments. Like less Turmeric and letting it cook with the onions , garlic and ginger. I have a question about the coconut milk. Is it sweetened or unsweetened? I think I'd just use one can though.

  7. I have to give it to Americans- stealing away Indian recipes, yoga, meditation techniques, veganism and tones of other things; rebranding and marketing without ever giving credit for the inspiration or origin. Btw this recipe is a common south indian recipe. So yeah, was not invented by her!

  8. I just made this stew for my wife and daughter & vegetarian son-in-law – to say it was a hit would be an extreme understatement! Simply wonderful! Thank you Alison…

  9. She’s obviously talented & I generally like her, but how can she attack Asian women for making money, then make money by claiming an Asian recipe is her own? This is literally just an Indian curry with not enough good spices & way too much turmeric (which is bitter & toxic uncooked).

  10. Hope it turned out palatable and did not cause stomach ache! Spices & herbs are not meant for flavor or color ! They are for health and their quantity and combinations must be specific for every individual, time of day and day in the season!
    Turmeric has many health benefits, yes! BUT too much of anything is not good. It is a blood thinner – watch out if you are going in for surgery that week!

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