"$80,000,000 Cash Glitch" They Stated… | Testing VIRAL GTA On-line Cash Glitches pt 5

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34 thoughts on “"$80,000,000 Cash Glitch" They Stated… | Testing VIRAL GTA On-line Cash Glitches pt 5

  1. People can't really listen well so I'm gonna say this here.

    – No, I don't glitch
    – No, of course I would never risk my YouTube channel by uploading GTA money glitches
    – These are all obviously fake, this is meant for entertainment 🙂

    Epic, love y'all <3

  2. The first 1 is real but you have to click the balloon when the heart is small you can spam the first six it works but it is insanely hard

  3. The only money glitch I know is Blackjack
    1. Get 50k chips
    2. Try and win a game of Blackjack
    3a. When you lose, close the application and restart, this glitch is similar to the Lucky Wheel glitch everyone should know by now. Because the game didn’t have time to save your chip loss, restarting the game should give back your loss and you can continue till you win.
    3b. When you win, quit playing blackjack and change outfits, this will save the game and save the exact amount of money you have now. (Please check the bottom right for a saving icon, for the love of god, this is important.)
    4. Repeat this until you have the amount of money you want, this can be done infinitely and has been done by me today to buy the Slamtruck to review to my friends.
    (I recommend buying a penthouse with the lounge and personal dealer upgrade, which is pricey, but makes the progress so much easier, since your spawn point is located at the casino and not your apartment or any other spawnpoint, and even when you reach the casino, there is a chance that blackjack isn’t even there. Sharing this because this is a legitimate glitch, but can fail of course sometimes. But that’s small and when you’ve done this glitch, 50k is nothing compared to the 10m you can make in one sitting if dedicated.)

  4. He missed the #69 at the end in the hanger glitch so hes lying about that glitch not working, also hes holding a ps controller it lookls like and the dude might have meant a xbox controller.

  5. The horse racing glitch was an actual glitch that worked but it got patched before The los santos summer special was out

  6. I like how he gets mad because he's losing in the horse races but doesn't know that there's a thing called Life and luck and that if you say oh I'm in first nobody can beat me and then you get last that that's like common sense

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