10 Greatest Drift Vehicles! – CarX Drift Racing On-line

What are one of the best drift automobiles in CarX Drift Racing On-line? Let’s discover out! My prime 10 automobiles for by way of dealing with for Tandems, Ebisu Jumps and 360 drifts! All automotive …

39 thoughts on “10 Greatest Drift Vehicles! – CarX Drift Racing On-line

  1. for me, the best one is the s15 with pro drift and highly tuned setup . And on carx 2 on mobile but still…. i love the s15 ^_^

  2. If you was in a blue/purple gtr on east toge I’m sorry for getting in your way and you voting to kick me I was in the skulien

  3. like ur vods
    bin following u since start of 2020
    i have a suggestion that nu might/might not like (depends if u want to put time into it)
    can u start making tunes for cars and posting them in ur channel
    by tunes i mean DEDECATED videos for tunes on cars (One or more )

  4. I know you can load livery's on kino mod how do you find them I can't find them any where all I find is how to download kino mod a million times

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